Welcome to Comala Mexico

Comala is one of Mexico’s, Pueblos Mágicos, or magical towns. Cobble stone streets, white walls and red roofs mark this colonial town just 20 minutes north or Colima.  Comala, Mexico sits in the shadow of the Volcan de Fuego, the volcano of fire.

Comala’s volcanic soil and altitude make it an ideal location for coffee plantations. Any visit would not be complete without visiting one of these plantations, learning about the coffee growing and making process and tasting the regions finest coffees.

Located around the main square you’ll find many “Botaneros” restaurants. Order your favorite beverage and your drink order is accompanied by delicious traditional snacks or Botanas, mariachi stroll the plaza and provide musical entertainment. It is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

For the adventurer Comala is a must visit. Horseback riding, hiking lush canyons, and trekking the volcano are all options.

In the square  you can sample ponche and drinks made from tamarind, fruits, as well as ‘tuba’ – a fermented semi-alcoholic drink made from palm tree sap.

In the town of Suchitlán, 15 minutes outside of Comala you’ll find traditional crafts such as carved Suchitlán masks that are painted brilliant colors and used in seasonal celebrations such as Semana Santa (holy week), Navidad and others, decorative, masked dancers perform throughout the region of Colima. You’ll need to stroll through the town to find the families who create these and other artisan crafts.

Comala Business

Comala is home to many local businesses including  restaurants, great shopping and tour operators to help you make the most of your time with us. Our website also offers a complete Comala Business Directory that will help you find all the businesses in the area.

Visit Comala, Mexico!

Adventure, culture, arts and crafts and historical significance, Comala has it all.  We look forward to hosting you!Visit Colima

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