Hiking volcanoes in the Parque Nacional Nevado de Colima

Volcan de Fuego
Colima’s Volcano is currently one of the most active volcano’s in Mexico and in North America. It has erupted more than 40 times since 1576. It’s very likely you will see smoke belching from the dome on any given day. Because it is so active, climbing access is restricted.

National Park Nevado de Colima
There are two peaks in the volcano complex: Volcán Nevado de Colima (4330 m), which is older and inactive, lies 5 kilometers north of the younger and very active 3860 meter Volcán de Colima (also called Volcán de Fuego de Colima).

This huge and beautiful park is in the northern part of the state on the borders of the State of Jalisco. The area is full pines, oaks, firs and is dotted with deep ravines, creeks and lagoons. Volcán Nevado de Colima is accessible by foot for most of the year. The best months for climbing are the dry months from December through May, but temperatures can be cold and the upper slopes covered with snow, Navado means “snow covered.” You can access the park on your own or you can contact a local tour operator who can arrange your climb for you.

The park is ideal for camping, hiking, day trips and picnics.

Birds and Wildlife

Thanks to the ecological consciousness of the local people there are several places where you can enjoy eco-tourism activities and wildlife viewing. Local forests feature walnut trees, mohogany, parota, fig, clavellina, spring, mimosa tenuiflora, acacia, guásima, cypress, ash, and pine trees; mammals such as deer, fox, coyote, badger, raccoon, opossum, wild boar, squirrel and gophers; and birds like dove, quail, magpie, chachalaca, woodpeckers, curio, sparrows, buzzards, owls, hawks, caracara, parakeet, tapacamino, and calandria amoung others.

Coffee Plantations
Comala’s volcanic soil and altitude make it an ideal location for coffee plantations. Visit a coffee factory were you will be able to take a cup of coffee while we explain the whole coffee production process from the selection, roasting, grinding and packaging.

Horseback Riding

See the volcano from a different perspective. Travel by horse through forests and valleys.

Around the main plaza you’ll find many artisan stores carrying masks, fabrics, clothes, coffee and other local specialties.

Mountain Biking
In the Nevado de Colima National Park you’ll find mountain biking trails. You can rent bikes from local Comala tour operators along with maps and or guides and transportation.