Cultural attractions

Historical Center
By presidential decree in 1988 declared Zone of Historic Monuments, this appointment includes some buildings and the Parish of San Miguel and portals Comala. Parroquia de San Miguel Archangel: Neoclassical building built during the first third of the nineteenth century.
Comala portals: Portals to host a series of restaurants, bars that prepare and serve meals and drinks. The concept of these spaces was established over 50 years and has given him even more fame and tradition over time.

The Ex Hacienda de San Antonio and its Aqueduct
Construction of the nineteenth century. It has a hotel and tourist area reserved for private initiative with a special promotion.

Casa de la Cultura Comala
It houses a public library, a multipurpose auditorium, a dance workshop and museum “Alberto Isaac,” which features a permanent collection of paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramics and cards made in life by this prolific artist also contains original posters some of his movies filmed in Comala, as they were: The days of love, the virgin’s Corner, Time and Women insumisas wolves.

Sculpture garden “Juan Soriano”
Located next to the place known as La Parotera (at the entrance to Comala).

On the site are displayed outdoors and permanently sculptures by local artists, nationally and internationally as the “Bird on wave” of the sculptor Juan Soriano, who just won and that motivated the creation of this space.

Boar Lagoon
It was enacted forest protection area and wildlife refuge on August 14, 1981.

Roundabout dogs prehistoric terracotta
Can you find within the limits of Comala and Villa de Alvarez.