Comala top 10

1. Volcan de Fuego
(Volcano of Fire) as the east light on the volcano is best at this time. The Volcan de Fuego is in an active period and on most days you can see a strong plume of steam and ash rising from the top of the cone.

2. Zona Mágica
This famous place known as the “Magical Zone” is located on the 6th Km of State Road number 16. Fun party trick on the side of road, put your car in neutral at the top of the hill and instead of going down, like you would expect because of the slope, the vehicles goes up due to magnetism.

3. Lunch on the plaza at one of the botaneros
Order your favorite beverage and the botanas (snacks) just keep coming. Taquitos, ceviche, guacamole, tacos dorado, tostados and more!

4. Suchitlán
(which means “Place of Flowers”) has, inside its cobbled streets, an indigenous tradition and way of life. Here you can find hand-made masks carved in home workshops and worn by traditional dancers during, Danza de los Morenos, a holy-week ritual that commemorates the dancing animals who distracted the Roman guards and enabled the Marys to rescue the body of Christ. 5.Visit a coffee plantation-Comala is the leading coffee producer in the state, with an annual production of approximately 900 tons. The potential production of coffee with a quantity of approximately 600 hectares and a production of 1.5 tons per hectare.

6. Nogueras
Just 1 mile outside of Comala, La Hacienda de Nogueras is an elegantly restored hacienda. The famous Museo de Alejandro Rangel is located here. Into his seventy-three years, Alejandro Rangel wove three passions together: his work as an artist and graphic designer; his love of nature and his love of pre-Hispanic culture. His work was also filled with old cultural initiatives. Tuesdays to Sundays 10:00 to 17:00 Closed on Mondays.

The University of Colima Eco-park is a beautifull garden dedicated to the diffusion of an environmental culture, where in addition cultural activities with environmental intentions are promoted, has turtle ponds, guided visits of the place, interpretative footpaths, workshops of environmental education, demonstration of ecotecnologies, among others activities, you will be able to admire many plants and to know medicinal plants, fruit trees, elaboration of organic fertilize.

Open from Monday through Friday from 8 to 13 hr/Saturday of 9 to 14:30 hrs.

7. Los perritos de Colima or the little dogs of Colima.
Ceramic artifacts known as perros cebados (round dogs) have been discovered in abundance throughout Colima. Many sculptures have been found inside tiros, tombs constructed as shafts. While the purpose of the perros cebados is uncertain, they may have had been placed in tombs to guide the departed soul safely to the next world. The famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo featured Colima’s famous symbol in several of her paintings. You can pick-up the ceramic dogs at one for the many shops along the main plaza in Comala.

8. Laguna La Maria
Jjust 40 minute drive north of Comala is a great location for birding. You can rent a boat and go out to the center of the lagoon The high, tree-covered crater wall which surrounds most of the lake is truly impressive and there are trails leading up to the top of the crater rim where you’ll find short man-made tunnels giving access to a “hidden lake” on the other side of the crater wall.

9. Suchitlan Canyons
Jjust 20 minute drive north of Comala is another great location for birding. It is a 1 and a half walk loop There is an observation tower were you can have a good view of the volcanoes

10. Zacualpan Cool Springs
Just a 25 minute drive south east of Comala located at the footsteps of Cerro Grande. All the rain water that filters through this mountain is conducted to these cool springs. The state board of tourism has organized the comunty of Zacualpan to open it to the public. Picnic area are available open every day 10:00am – 6:00pm Restaurants open on weekends only. Bring bathing suits